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How we work

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10The non-profit organization was founded in 2007 after Marino’ s experience in Zambia.

Marino was elected president of the organization and immediately started defining new solidarity projects with some friends in another poor country, Malawi.

Guiding principles in the activity of the “San Marino for the Children” :
• Attention to the poorest and the largest marginalized children in Malawi and around the world, through international solidarity projects and awareness raising activities.
• Construction of schools (kindergarten and primary school) as an essential tool to fight poverty, illiteracy and marginalization.
• Construction of buildings owned by the association (through appropriate local legal structures recognising the property) and entrusted to the missionaries (with fixed-term contract, with the possibility of renewal).
• Expenses and costs of the Organizations self-financed by the founding members and volunteers; all funding raised is entirely donated to solidarity projects.
• Directing aid in established places so that they can become engines of development for the nearby villages.
•”San Marino for the Children” Foundation relies on supporters and benefactors, to raise funds.

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Activities carried out by volunteers:

-Direct purchase of goods for the projects.
– Volunteers of “San Marino for the Children” are responsible for the monitoring of costs and budgets and for the supervision of the projects, through regular on-site visits.
– On-site visits for (partial) construction operations and inspection of the works and projects to be or already undertaken.
– Collection of materials and goods sent by container in Malawi.
– Organization of social dinners to promote projects and to raise awareness of the problems in the poorest and less developed countries.
– Workshops in schools (primary and secondary) to promote our projects and to raise awareness of the problems in the poorest and less developed countries.
– Organization of fund-raising events.
– Publication of a journal to inform funders and supporters about the progress of our projects.